What impact will the "World Cup Curse" have on the stock market?


Readers who have been busy in the stock market recently, have you reduced your positions today? The reason why I ask this question is that this article wants to remind all stockholders that the continued strong pressure on A shares near the 3100 area is not easy to be broken at once.

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If you happen to be a soccer fan, then you should know: the quadrennial World Cup will soon be held in Qatar, which means that the "World Cup stock market spell" may also be coming. Perhaps many newcomers to the stock market are not familiar with this "magic spell", or even have not heard of it, but this spell can not be underestimated, there have been many professional stockholders who have seen the power of this spell. But many readers who have years of experience in stock trading should have felt the coming of this spell in advance. The stock market trend, to reach the area near 3100 need to be extra cautious, because at a time 3100 points are the A-share market ten per cent, up from 2885 up to 3150 points near, must bear in mind is near up and down near the area. What does this tell us? This means that the A-share market has gone up ten per cent from the bottom, but don't get excited yet. You should know that the A-share market has a little magic spell, that is, once the A-share market has risen ten per cent, there will be some wave changes. This is due to the rapid rise of the A-share market has brought some backlash. This is a frequent occurrence in the A-share market, and even though it has played out many times, some people don't believe it will go down every time it happens.

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The good news from the Fed and the stable exchange rate caused the A-share market to rise from 2,880 to 3,150 points, and this news led to this wave of stock price pull-up. Perennial speculators must know that the upcoming World Cup will have a significant impact on the stock market, also known as the "World Cup Curse". Therefore, this article predicts that the probability of the A-share World Cup spell stepping back is seventy to eighty per cent. In the face of such a large probability, the article recommends that you start bottoming out again at about 2880, must be cautious when pulling up, and never do anything aggressive. And the level of caution has to be increased, not only in the difference of 10 or twenty points. Rather, it's a process where you have to wait to fill the circle with a mid-long term ultra-short party.

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Caution is how to cautiously remind everyone that whether you are a mid-range pie or an ultra-party pie, all you need to remember is that your position is near fifty per cent, both for time attack and timely defence, and not a full position. Because now this position is also not to jailbreak competition so much one by one cautious mode. At least during the World Cup speculation still need to be cautious and treating the gap can not be careless. Can fall on the eyes of 2880 to 3150 this intermediate spread of interest.